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Ruth Gabizon, PhD

Department of Neurology, Hadassah University Hospital

After getting my PhD from the Hebrew University Medical School I went to Dr. Prusiner’s lab in UCSF for my postdoctoral studies on prion diseases. In 1988, I established my own prion lab in the Neurology department of the Hadassah University Hospital.

Since then, I investigate features of neurodegenerative diseases and in particular those of genetic prion diseases, since the E200K PrP mutation is common among Jews of Libyan origin living in my country. In the last years, we are generating nanotechnology based formulations of natural antioxidants that can prevent/delay the outbreak of neurodegenerative diseases in at risk individuals.

A few years ago, I founded Granalix Biotechnologies, together with Prof Magdassi, and we have established our first product, GranaGard, a nanotechnology based formulation of Pomegranate seed oil, which is now being tested in diverse neurodegenerative conditions as well as aging.