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Remembering Roberto…

By December 17, 2015June 2nd, 2017news

Turin, 15 December 2015

robertoThe AiEnP lost suddenly our President Roberto Borgis. Members of our Association and his friends are incredulous and deeply saddened.

Humanity and participation that Roberto has always put into relationships with people and family members, who called him to speak about their difficult situations, made him a family person, a support and a comfort. He has always been an active person, cheerful, helpful, optimistic, and to speak about him in the past now seems impossible.

For him we will keep the smile, the great vitality and enormous availability.

The AIEnP will remember forever the tenacity and determination with which he helped give birth to the Association: we hope to have learned from him and continue our project with the same enthusiasm he showed.

Dear Roberto, wherever you are, we remember you with great affection and gratitude.

The A.I. En P. is an association founded by a group of people who lived through the experience of a family member suffering from a prion disease and have become aware of the need to address the problem in all appropriate locations and have merged and formed the A. I. En P.

Our main aim is the promotion of scientific research on prion diseases. We aim to provide a viable interface for family members of those affected by prion diseases towards competent institutions