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Tedx Talk- Dr. Valerie Sim, how her curiosity brought her to discover a new way to bring science to a deeper level.

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This is just brilliant and comes from a lady who is a clinician and also a prion disease researcher and plays the fiddler like you would not believe. Dr. Valerie Sim is also a member of the Friends and Advisors Group of the CJD International Support Alliance and Medical Director of the Canadian CJD Association so is dedicated to assisting patient associations and CJD patients and families. This is the calibre of researchers we are so lucky to know are working hard to find a treatment or cure for this devastating disease called CJD or prion disease.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Prion 2017 held in Edinburgh from 23 – 26th May

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We thank Professor Richard Knight and Professor Jean Manson for the opportunity given to the CJD International Support Alliance (CJDISA) to present to the scientific audience on behalf of the patients, families and those at risk of CJD and other prion diseases. Being able to bring the voices and faces of those affected around the world to the 350 researchers and experts attending has become an important part of this annual prion scientific conference.

We would like to thank the many personally affected who contributed to this presentation and acknowledge those whose dedication and passion has led to the development of 15 member associations covering 14 countries who offer support and assistance to all affected by prion disease around the world.

The CJDISA presentation is now posted on the CJDISA website and we will have lay summaries of the scientific presentations that members of our Friends and Advisors have kindly offered to provide to help families to understand the current prion research happening around the world.

Prion 2016 Successful

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Prion 2016 Tokyo has successfully ended, see details


Highlights of Prion 2015

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To bring the best review of Prion 2015 in Colorado last month, Deana Simpson and I, on behalf of the CJD International Support Alliance, asked Sonia Vallabh and Eric Minikel to share their blog with you all.

Personally affected by prion disease Sonia and Eric have become prion researchers and their passion, dedication and hard work towards finding a cure provides a lot of hope for other families.

Prion Alliance Blog